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General Information

This performance opportunity is being organized for performers by Spirit of America Productions for award-winning individuals and teams.

Spirit of America Productions produces two performances in the Parade.

The CHEER/POM performance consists of cheerleaders and dancers selected at camps, competitions and auditions nationwide. Performers must be 14 years and older.

The DANCE performance consists of dancers from high schools & studios from across the country selected at camps, competitions and auditions. These performers must be between 14-18 years of age.

Placement of performers in each production is at the discretion of Spirit of America Productions.

When Spirit of America is asked to perform in the OPENING PRODUCTION of the Parade, the group may or may not have the opportunity to walk the entire Parade. Macy’s makes this decision on the needs of the Parade.

OPTIONAL Airport / Hotel Shuttle Service

If you are traveling alone or would like to have a Spirit of America Productions staff member meet you at the airport, a meet and greet service will be provided for an additional charge. A shuttle service return to the airport will also be provided on departure day for an additional charge. Arrival and departure times must be considered when booking a flight as our transportation is only offered during the following:

  • Upon arrival on Saturday, November 23rd, transportation to the hotel from LaGuardia International Airport will be provided only between 9:00am and 5:00pm. We do not pick up at JFK, Newark or Islip airports.
  • Upon departing New York Hilton on Friday, November 29th, transportation to LaGuardia International Airport will be provided only between 3:30am and 12:00 noon. In order to qualify for these services, you must book your flight reservation arriving and/or departing from LaGuardia International Airport.
  • You must have your flight itinerary submitted online, on or before September 15. It is your responsibility to update any schedule changes, flight number changes, etc.
    Services to include:

    • Arrival Day ($50 per person)
    • Staff member to meet and greet individual(s) at baggage claim at LaGuardia Airport
    • A charter bus to the New York Hilton Midtown
    • Departure Day ($50 per person)
    • A charter bus to LaGuardia Airport
  • Spirit of America will provide a charter bus to your designated terminal at LaGuardia International Airport. At least one (1) staff member will be on the charter bus to assist as needed.

Spirit of America Productions will not provide transportation to or from the hotel for those taking the train, bus, or those flying into or out of JFK, Newark or Islip International airports.


Each person is allowed one (1) suitcase. You may check the one (1) suitcase and carry onto the plane your event bag and one other small item. The hotel porterage provides for only one (1) piece of checked luggage. Carry-ons must stay in your possession. Please note the following airline luggage regulations (and check with your specific airline prior to departure for updates).

  • Your one (1) piece of checked luggage can weigh no more than 50lbs.
  • The linear inches of this one (1) piece cannot exceed 62 inches. To determine the linear size of your luggage add together the length, plus width, plus height.
  • Please note that if your checked luggage weighs more than 50lbs or is oversized the airline will charge you additional fees.
  • Check with your airline provider concerning checked luggage charges.


$400.00 Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but is transferable to someone NEW taking your place. It is NOT transferable to someone already registered on the event. Transfer must happen at time of cancellation and prior to October 1st. Notification of cancellations and request for transfer must be made in writing by a parent/guardian or coach/director, and should be emailed to We strongly recommend cancellation insurance.


  • Performers and Spectators on our package may room together.
  • The Hilton limits the number of people in a room to 4 individuals. The Hilton does not permit roll-a-way beds to be added to a room.
  • If your school/studio has 5 performers traveling together:
    • Room 4 together and we will put the 5th in a room with 3 other individuals. This allows everyone to pay the QUAD rate.
    • Room 3 as a TRIPLE and 2 as a DOUBLE.
    • Room 3 as a TRIPLE and 2 as a QUAD with 2 other individuals.
  • If your school/studio has 1 or 2 total performers and NO adults traveling with your group, we will assist you in placing you in a room with other performers traveling without adults.
  • Performers and spectators will be responsible for any increase in supplement pay if someone from your school/studio cancels.
  • Spirit of America Productions will NOT assist any Spectator in locating roommates.
  • Please indicate on your application form the one point of contact for your school/gym/studio (This must be an adult.) The ONE person per school/gym/studio should be the ONLY point of contact to Spirit of America Productions regarding your rooming questions.


  1. Meal Coupons include a variety of items from which to select. Participating restaurants include: McDonalds; Starbucks; Dunkin Donuts;Chick-fil-A;  and Cafe’ Metro [subject to change].
  2. We STRONGLY encourage trip cancellation insurance. Log onto for purchasing procedures. This information is provided to you as a courtesy and protects the event performer and /or spectator if you cancel the trip.
  3. It must be purchased within seven (7) days of registration in order to qualify for pre-existing conditions. Note: Your $400 deposit is NOT refundable by Spirit of America Productions. Once your final payment is made, no refunds are issued by Spirit of America Productions regardless of circumstances.  
  4. Please note that Spirit of America Productions and Macy’s offers NO SPECIAL PARADE SEATING. You may enjoy the Parade by standing on the street (more information will be offered once you arrive in New York).
  • Performers must be able to walk the line-of-march without assistance in order to participate. Wheelchairs and crutches are not permitted.

Check-out Procedures

There are select days and times where Spectators have the option to check out Performers. Any adult (21 and older) listed on the Performer’s Medical Release Visitation Form may be allowed to check out the Performer.  Names cannot be added once the Performer turns in their Medical Release Visitation Form at the first rehearsal.

Please be aware there will be specific daily check-out and check-in times. Typically, check-out times are at the start of the day and check-in times are at evening room check. Spirit of America does not permit checking in and out throughout the day.

Checked-out Performers are welcome to follow our itinerary, follow our mass movements as well as, use their tickets included in the package. Being checked-out allows you to create your own schedule of times and activities.

Performers that are not checked-out will enjoy a full day of scheduled activities with their Staff Chaperone.

You may view the sample Cheer/Dance Schedules online as a guideline of what to expect in terms of check-out days and times.

What you can expect for the week:

*subject to change

Arrival Day: Orientation, Evening Rehearsal, room check immediately following rehearsal.

This is NOT a check-out day: Performers have a busy schedule consisting of 2 rehearsals and their Broadway Show!

Check-out day: Check-out is in the morning, check-in is at the evening Macy’s/NBC Rehearsal.

Check-out day: Check-out is in late morning immediately following CHEER/POM Dress Rehearsal, check-in is at evening room check.

Check out day: Check-out is late morning immediately following DANCE Dress Rehearsal, check-in is at evening room check.

Check-out day: Check-out is immediately following the Parade performance, check-in is at evening room check.

Call or Email for additional information:

Spirit of America Productions
214-802-5534 or 214-692-5596

Via FedEx, UPS or any overnight service:

Spirit of America Productions
Attn: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®
3839 McKinney Ave Ste 155-227
Dallas, Texas 75204

Via regular mail:

Spirit of America Productions
Attn: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®
3839 McKinney Ave Ste 155-227
Dallas, Texas 75204

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